Arey’s Pond Boat Yard is the builder of the world renowned APBY catboats. We offer a complete line of catboats, built right at our boat yard, including the 12′ Kitten, the popular 14′ Catboat, the 16′ Lynx and the 20′ Cruising Catboat. We also build a beautiful 20′ Power Launch, restore many wooden craft and, our latest project, the 18′ Arey’s Pond Daysailer.

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APBY 12' Kitten

APBY 12′ Kitten

APBY 14' Catboat

APBY 14′ Catboat

APBY 14' Racing Catboat

APBY 14′ Racing Catboat

Wooden 14'

APBY 14′ Wooden Catboat

APBY 16' Lynx with Cuddy

APBY 16′ Lynx with Cuddy

APBY 16' Lynx with Open Cockpit

APBY 16′ Lynx with Open Cockpit

20' Cruising Cat

APBY 20′ Cruising Cat

APBY 22' Cruising Catboat

APBY 22′ Cruising Catboat

APBY 18' Daysailer

APBY 18′ Daysailer

APBY 16' Launch

APBY 16′ Pleasant Bay Launch

APBY 20' Launch

APBY 20′ Pleasant Bay Launch

APBY 29′ Catboat

APBY 29′ Catboat

APBY 19' Caracal

APBY 19′ Caracal Catboat

APBY Bartender 22'

APBY 22′ Bartender

Cotuit Skiff


38′ Custom Lobster Boat 


Acorn Skiff