A distinctive runabout

Cruising speed, 6 knots. Great bay or harbor launch. Built from the 16′ catboat hull, the APBY 16-foot Pleasant Bay Launch has the classic look and feel of a catboat without the rig. Available with wheel or tiller steering, it provides smooth motorized transport in gracious style. There are two berths below and room for a portapotti.

The Pleasant Bay Launch comes with custom finish, wheel or tiller steering, bronze fittings, strip planked hull with epoxy and cloth overlay, and two berths with room for a Porta-Potti.

    Major Features:

  • Superior stability with shallow water capabilities.
  • Shallow draft allows for beaching.
  • Boats custom built by master craftsmen to individual owner specifications.
  • Room for 7 passengers.
  • Ideal for a yacht club launch or as a family boat to transport to large parties to the beach or island.