Sail and Canvas Repair Services

Arey’s Pond Boat Yard offers expert sail and canvas repair. We can design new sails for you and fabricate them. We also offer sail cleaning, maintenance and winter storage in our sail loft.

We can design and build custom dodgers and winter boat covers. Folding biminis with transparent panels and custom seat cushions of every imaginable description are among our specialties! Head on over to our Canvas & Sail page for more information, or give us a call and order your custom accessories for the upcoming boating season!

Rigging and Race-Tuning

Your first priority when sailing in a race should be, of course, to have fun. But let’s face it, a race is all the more enjoyable when you enter knowing your boat is fine-tuned to win. At Arey’s Pond Boat Yard, we do our very best to rig your boat carefully and efficiently so she maintains peak performance. But, a truly fast cat is tweaked and tuned while underway. For those of you who are trying to compete, or wish to try, these tweaks could make all the difference. Which is why our Head Rigger, Matt Dooley, is now offering a rig-tuning service.

If you opt for the service, Matt will take your boat for a sail. The initial rundown service, a consultation of sorts, will cost a flat rate of $125.00. Once potential adjustments are determined, they will be presented to the customer for approval. Any work approved by the customer will be charged at our normal hourly rate plus materials.

These test runs are not to be looked at as a private sailing lesson as it is best for Matt to single-handedly sail the boat to lessen the number of variables in play. Private lessons will still be run by our sailing school instructors.