27th Annual Arey’s Pond Cat Gathering Results

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s Cat Gathering! It was wonderful to see so many sailors enjoying beautiful Pleasant Bay.

This year’s gathering was sailed by 72 catboats and 6 traditional wooden sailboats. The results for each class, as well as the special awards winners, are detailed below.

The photo featured here was taken by Anita Winstanley Roark. If you have Cat Gathering photos that you would like shared on our social media and/or website, please email them to info@areyspondboatyard.com.

Arey’s Pond 14 Class

  1. Mark Wiatrowski in Storm Cat
  2. Trevor Deegan in Slippery 1
  3. Greg McCauley in Summer Breeze

Compass Classic Class

  1. Bill Watson in Tenacity
  2. Jim Nathanson in Encore
  3. John Laurino in Business

Marshall Sandpiper Class

  1. Neil Tomkinson in Sophie
  2. Nate Peterson in Black Pearl
  3. Paul Duffy in Lily

Arey’s Pond Lynx Class

  1. Nick Athanassiou in Athena
  2. Phil Dickinson in Elle
  3. Robin Davis, Julian Davis, and Kiara Offley in Arthur B
  4. Kevin Collins in Sorbet

Marshall Sanderling Class

  1. Bill Terrell in Ripple
  2. George Siebert in Gata Gorda
  3. Pete Caroll

Baybird Class

  1. Joseph Ballow in Mad Max
  2. Robin Adams
  3. Alex Heilala in Puffin

Catboats 19′ and Over

  1. Burt & Drew Staniar in Pandora
  2. Matt Dooley and Michelle Jewell in An Cat Mahair
  3. Ryan Peterson in Genie
  4. Maria & Brian Donohue in Nightingale

Special Awards

Alan McClennen Sr. Award – for the boat owner who best represents the traditions of sailing Pleasant Bay

  • Mon Cochran

Richard Lovis Awardfor exceptional committee boat assistance

  • Romie, Megan, and Tyler Donofrio

Farthest Traveler Award

  • Jeff Porter from Colorado

Fastest Dog Award – highest placing boat with a dog on board

  • Thomas Crowley’s dog in Windpurr

Youngest Skipper Awardyoungest person with a hand on the tiller

  • Josie Heidtman, one year old

Last Boat Award

  • O’Mearas

Greatest Come Back 

  • Robin Davis, Julian Davis, and Kiara Offley

Oldest Boat Award

  • Lestris, c. 1904

Best Outfit Award 

  • Collin’s Family in Sorbet