31st Annual Arey’s Pond Cat Gathering

Thank you to all who participated in the 31st Annual Arey’s Pond Cat Gathering!

This year’s Cat Gathering we remember important Arey’s Pond community members who we have lost recently.

Roland Bryan

Roland was a sailor and great friend of Arey’s Pond for thirty years. He will be dearly missed by our community on the pond. Please click here to read Roland’s obituary.

Sherwood Moe

Sherry and his wife Phyllis and family have been Arey’s Pond mooring customers for 40 years. At Arey’s Pond Sherry helped Tony in the early years with business decisions and became a very close friend of the Davis family. Please click here to read Sherry’s obituary. 

Mary Kelsey

Mary was a past President of the Friends of Pleasant Bay, which the Cat Gathering supports. She was an avid sailor who participated in many Cat Gatherings. Please click here to read Mary’s obituary.

Featured Artist

This year’s Featured Artist is Arey’s Pond Boat Yard’s Administrative Coordinator, Anita Winstanley Roark!