Boat Brokerage

Fab year: 2006
Length: 18' 8"
2006 AP Daysailer in good condition. This boat has been boat yard maintained and [...]
Fab year: 2001
Length: 16' 0"
Well maintained 2001 Arey's Pond Cabin Lynx with lots of options. Includes 2015 [...]
Fab year: 2004
Length: 17' 0"
This Hunter sailboat is in very good condition for its age and includes a paddle [...]
Fab year: 2016
Length: 16' 6"
This beauty is one of our finest Open 16's built at Arey's Pond. She has been bo [...]
Fab year: 1961
Length: 23' 0"
This Nathanael Herreshoff Marlin DaySailer built by Cape Cod Shipbuilding design [...]
Fab year: 1972
Length: 14' 0"
This 1972 Hand Cat built by Cape Dory is in great shape for her age. The Handy C [...]
Fab year: 2017
Length: 12' 8"
A new, sturdy, roomy vessel for oar and sail. This classic boat design fully con [...]
Fab year: 1999
Length: 21' 0"
This distinctive runabout has a hull very similar to the 20-foot Cruising Cat. T [...]
Fab year: 1973
Length: 17' 0"
Owners are anxious to sell this boat that is in good condition for its age. Curr [...]
Fab year: 2003
Length: 23' 0"
This wooden catboat is a Fenwick Williams design and was built by Scott Hershey [...]