14′ Catboat

Based on an Edson I. Schock design. Redesigned by Tony Davis in 1998

The shallow draft of the 14-foot Catboat allows it to sail with ease in only 12 inches of water. The full beam makes this one of the most stable catboats on the market. She is as quick as a cat and very forgiving to those new to sailing. The Arey’s Pond Cat is the first catboat to have a fiberglass coaming. This design feature eliminates the problems commonly found in boats with wooden coamings where the coaming and deck meet. This significantly reduces yearly maintenance.

The 14-foot Catboat in modern fiberglass comes with a custom finish, sitka spruce spars, fiberglass hull and deck, teak, mahogany or oak trim, coaming cap, rails and floorboards, bronze fittings, ash and mahogany tiller, traditional oak mast hoops, spun Dacron halyard and sheets and positive flotation. Call us and schedule a test sail 508-255-0994.

14' Fiberglass
$25,700base price
14' Fiberglass Racing
$23,900base price
14' Wooden
$39,900base price
14' Club
$22,900base price