Above: Catboats finish in Pleasant Bay. By: John Ward

Proceeds of this year’s race benefit The Sipson Island Trust. In total, 80 boats registered and 66 started. Due to weather, the race was shortened and boat crews were advised to seek shelter. 45 participating boats finished the shortened course.


Results by Class

*Projected winner indicates how the committee boat saw how the finish would have gone had the race not been called for the first two classes due to a weather alert.  

Catboat 19′ and Over: *Projected winners

1. S.Brown / M.Dooley APBY Caracal 19‘ ‘An Cat Mahair’    *employee rule*

1. Brian Smith, Marshall 22, ‘At Ease’

2. Richard Stewart, Marshall 22

3. Jamie and Jenna Maher, Great South Bay Cat, ‘Shadow’

4. F. Villars/ L.Gouveia 1909 Crosby Cat, ‘Conjurer’

Traditional Class: * 

1. A. McClennen, Dunbar Monomoy, ‘Old Ghost’

2. M. Dunne, Wianno Sr, ‘Wimeke’ 

3. Rich Vogel, Caledonia Yawl

​​​​​​​Arey’s Pond Lynx 16′ Open: *

1. Rob Muller ‘Pippet’

2. Nick Athanassiou, ‘Athena’

3. Charlie Zelle, ‘Arthur B.’

Arey’s Pond Lynx 16′ Cabin: *

1. Robin Davis/Joe Capuano ‘Tula Manzi’  *employee rule*

2. Carl Bechgard, ‘Spinach’

Marshall 18’s: *

1. Rick Cain, ‘Pleasant Dreams’

​​​​​​​2. Maura & Bill Terrell, ‘Ripple’

3. Mon Cochran

Marshall 15’s: *

1. Jim Nathanson, ‘Cats Paw’

2. Drew Dunne

​​​​​​​3. Bob Summersgill, ‘Jubilant’


1. Tony and Ari Roth

2. Robin Adams

3. Helen Kelsey

Compass Classic:

1. John Laurino, ‘Business’

2. Jill Klein, ‘QA Girl’

Arey’s Pond 14’s: [shortened course]

1. Paul Desrosiers,APBY 2020 Model

2. Scott Phillips, ‘Tuna’

3. Brooke and Skye Davis, ‘Crusher’             *employee rule*

3. Jim Pennington, ‘Sea Guard’ 

​​​​​​​Special Awards

Alan McClennen Sr. Award

In recognition of efforts on behalf of the Friends of Pleasant Bay to preserve and protect the Bay

Winner: Sipson Island Trust

Sailing Family Award

Roland Bryan and three generations of the Bryan family aboard ‘Sir Oliver’.

Covid Awareness Award, most creative masks

The Dan Shragg family

Youngest Sailor Award

Ari Roth, 12 years old

The Carl Richter Award

The best looking boat.

Winner: John Lee Scarborough ​​​​​​​

Committee Boat Award

Winners: Carlo Dupuis & Dean Niezgoda, with special thanks to Romie Donofrio, Stephanie Daniels, and Megan Donofrio who also volunteered on the committee boat.

Special thanks to Bentley/Studley for the starting cannon.

Thank you to all who participated!

Next year’s Cat Gathering will take place on August 21, 2021.

Don’t forget to register for the 2021 AP 14 Worlds.